Should I get dentures or implants? Dr. Bilski | Independence, OhioShould I Get Dentures or
Dental Implants?


Candidates for dentures are individuals who have total edentulism,
which means that they have no teeth at all. Millions of Americans have
missing teeth, and about three-quarters of the population of the United
States is missing at least one to two teeth.

Dentures are not a replacement for your teeth, but they are a
solution for people who have no teeth. There are always options for our
patients who do not have teeth from dentures to dental implants, and it is
all about what you want.

When it comes to patients who choose dentures, they usually have
no issues with the upper set of dentures. The upper set can stay in place
very easy with little to no issue with chewing due to your saliva keeping
them in place.

However, many people have trouble keeping their lower dentures in
place. They often have a hard time chewing and even talking because their
lower set of dentures will pop out of their mouth

Dental Implants Vs. Dentures

The alternative to dentures are dental
. The difference is that the implants will always stay in
your mouth. You’ll never have to worry about them falling out of your
mouth mid-sentence or while you’re eating.

Another benefit of dental implants, as opposed to dentures, is
that you can treat them just like natural teeth. You don’t have to
soak them in a glass of water at night. Instead, you brush, floss, and get
regular dental cleanings just like normal!

Set up a Dental Implant Consultation

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Should I get dentures or implants? Dr. Bilski | Independence, Ohio

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