Are you experiencing jaw pain and wondering if it could be related
to your teeth? At Bilski Dental, we often hear this concern from patients and
are here to help. Jaw pain can indeed be caused by dental problems, and
understanding the potential causes can lead to effective treatment and

Possible Causes of Jaw Pain:
•    Clenching and grinding teeth,
leading to cracked teeth or nerve damage
•    Infection or tooth fracture
•    Temporomandibular joint (TMJ)
disorders or dysfunction
•    Sinus issues causing tooth
•    Muscle pain or ear pain due to
dental issues

Determining the root cause of jaw pain is crucial for proper
treatment. Our team at Bilski Dental will conduct a thorough examination,
including X-rays, to identify any dental problems. Sometimes, the issue may
be sinus-related, requiring a visit to an ENT specialist. Other times, dental
work may alleviate headaches or muscle pain, providing additional diagnostic

At Bilski Dental, we believe in collaboration with other medical
professionals to ensure the best outcome for our patients. Whether
you’re experiencing pain from dental or sinus issues, our team is
here to help guide you towards the appropriate

Don’t let jaw pain hold you back. Let Bilski Dental be
your partner in dental health and pain relief. Call us or schedule an
appointment today
to find a solution to your pain.

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