At Bilski Dental, we understand the importance of confidence in cosmetic dentistry. That’s why we offer an innovative way to preview your new smile before any permanent changes are made. Our “test drive” procedures are designed to ensure you are completely satisfied with the potential results.

What is a Cosmetic Test Drive?

A cosmetic test drive at Bilski Dental allows you to see and feel what your new smile could look like before committing to the procedure:

  • Virtual Consultation: Start with a virtual consultation where you send us pictures of your smile. We’ll review them and provide feedback on what can be achieved.
  • Complimentary In-Office Test Drive: Visit us for a free, non-invasive test drive. We place temporary teeth—no drilling, no Novocain, and no obligations. This test gives you a realistic preview of your new smile.

Benefits of a Test Drive

  • Risk-Free: Experience your new look without any permanent changes or costs.
  • Informed Decisions: Helps you make an informed decision about proceeding with cosmetic enhancements.
  • Personalized Preview: Tailored specifically to your dental structure and cosmetic goals.

Committing to Your New Smile

If you decide to proceed after your test drive, we offer a detailed preview with a small fee that is credited towards your final treatment. This step involves a more detailed and slightly longer process where a model of your potential new teeth is made for you to try on. Whether you opt for enhancements on six teeth or ten, we provide clear cost information upfront and apply any preview fees towards the total cost of your procedure.

Book Your Cosmetic Test Drive Today

Ready to see how your smile can transform with no risk and no obligation? Contact Bilski Dental today to schedule your cosmetic test drive or virtual consultation. Let us help you make the best decision for your smile with confidence.

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