The Importance of Your First Molar and Ceramic Implants | Independence, OH

One of the first test questions on every dental exam is which
tooth is the most commonly extracted tooth. However, the first molar is not
only the most frequently extracted tooth but also the most drilled, filled,
root canal, broken, crowned, and bridged tooth! If something has happened to
your first molar, have you thought about fixing it with a
ceramic impant?

Why Is the First Molar Worked on So Much?

The reason the first molar is always needing dental attention is
that we use our first molar for about 50% to 70% of our chewing, depending on
how you bite.

Where is My First Molar?

The location of the first molar is about two teeth in front of the
very back teeth, upper and lower. If you don’t have your wisdom teeth
anymore, you count two teeth forward, and it is that big chunky molar.
That’s the number one guy or gal that is breaking all the

Using Ceramic Implants to Fix Your First Molar

In this particular situation, we have a patient who has fractured
her first molar. We removed it and did a little bone grafting. She ended up
opting for a ceramic implant. In last
week’s blog
, we talked about ceramic implants as opposed to
metal implants. Similarly, this person was concerned about metal toxicity. In
the picture below you can see an x-ray with the actual implant in

X-ray with a ceramic implant| Independence, OH

Moreover, we allow that implant to heal anywhere from 8 to 12
weeks. We then put a temporary tooth on for a while, about 4 or 5 months, and
then eventually get a final crown.

Will I Be Able to Tell I Have a Ceramic Implant?

When you get a ceramic implant, you can hardly tell the difference
between the implant and your real teeth! Great biology occurs with our
ceramic implants; when the tissue, the bone, and the gum really connect to it
looks just like a natural system. Plus a ceramic implant feels way better
than that bad root canal or an achy tooth that you had before. So,
it’s a win-win!

If you are having trouble with that first molar think about
getting ceramic implants to help get your healthy mouth back! Contact us today if you have any
questions about your first molar or ceramic implants!The Importance of Your First Molar and Ceramic Implants

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