We know that tobacco lends a hand in staining your teeth. But does
vaping have any effect on staining teeth?

Knowing The Risks

When smoking a cigarette, you’re ingesting a
combustible. Consuming a flammable means you are inhaling many chemicals into
your body and your mouth. These chemicals lead to many medical issues but
also lead to many dental

Both cigarette and vaping consist of nicotine, which is a harmful
and addictive chemical. When vaping, you are ingesting the same amount of
toxic substances. Although vaping is considered to be healthier than
cigarettes, both should be avoided at all costs.

Smoking is not suitable for your teeth and gums and, indeed, not
good for your body. Vaping is a much safer alternative; however, vaping does
cause many health issues in your mouth and body.

Smoking either a vape pen or a cigarette will still cause pain and
inflammation to your teeth when getting a dental procedure done. Bilski
Dental Group highly recommends that our patients stop smoking and adopt a
healthier lifestyle.

Learn More About The Risks of Vaping And

Let our dental professionals help you on your journey to
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