When it comes to dental insurance coverage, one of the most common
questions we receive at Bilski Dental is whether dental implants are covered.
The answer is both yes and no, depending on your insurance provider and
specific plan. Some plans cover the implant, while others only cover the post
and crown. To determine your coverage, it is crucial to know the details of
your insurance plan.

At Bilski Dental, we pride ourselves on assisting our patients in
understanding their insurance coverage for dental implants. Our knowledgeable
staff, specifically Danielle, can check your policy online and provide a
detailed report of your coverage. If you’re unsure of your coverage,
we can also submit an authorization for services, which includes a form,
picture, and X-ray, as well as a narrative explaining the procedure and its

Key highlights on insurance coverage at Bilski

•    Dental implant coverage
varies depending on your insurance provider and plan.

•    Bilski Dental can help
you understand your insurance coverage for dental implants.

•    Submitting an
authorization for services can provide more information on coverage and

If you’re considering dental implants and want to learn
more about your insurance coverage, schedule a consultation with Bilski
Dental today. Our experienced team is ready to help you navigate the
complexities of dental insurance and provide you with the care you are
looking for.

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