When coming into your local dental office, you typically get your
teeth cleaned. But now and then, a patient might come into our office and
require getting some sealing work done. But what are sealants, and what are
they used for in the dental world?

Sealants And Your Back Teeth

Traditionally, a dental sealant will be used for your back teeth.
These teeth are usually your back molars. These teeth are the ones
used most when chewing food. Over time, these back molars will end up eroding
due to loss of enamel. This is where many of your cavities will

Research states that if these molars are sealed, there will be a
75% reduction in cavities. Children tend to be our most seen patients for
getting sealant procedures done. But as of late, Bilski Dental Group is
seeing more and more adults who need sealants.

Most insurance plans now allow for molar sealings on adults over
the age of 12. As you age, cavities become more frequent and rapidly start to
decay inside of your mouth.

Find Out More About Sealants

If you are concerned about your back molars and require dental
care, contact us today and get started on improving that

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