The process of a
child losing their baby teeth is a natural and typically painless event, but
there are exceptions. At Bilski Dental, we believe in educating parents about
what to expect during this important stage in their child’s dental
development. Here’s what you should

  • Natural Tooth Loss:
    Baby teeth, or primary teeth, exfoliate naturally due to the pressure of the
    permanent teeth emerging behind them. This gradual process usually involves
    minimal inflammation or discomfort.
  • Potential Pain
    Causes: Pain during tooth loss can occur due to various reasons, such as
    cavities in the baby tooth, misalignment of the permanent teeth, or increased
    inflammation. In such cases, a visit to the dentist or a pediatric dentist
    may be necessary for appropriate care.

Pain-free tooth loss is a sign
of healthy dental development. When baby teeth fall out naturally, it
indicates proper spacing for permanent teeth, ensuring a smoother transition
and better oral health in the long run. However, if your child experiences
discomfort, it might be an indicator of underlying dental issues that require
professional attention.

When to See a

  • If your child
    complains of pain during tooth loss
  • Visible cavities or
    misalignment in the teeth
  • Signs of inflammation
    or difficulty in tooth removal

At Bilski Dental,
we’re committed to providing comprehensive dental care for your

Ensure your child’s
dental health is on the right track and contact Bilski Dental for a
consultation today.

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