What are Digital

Digital Dentures are the newest form of technology when it comes
to replacing teeth you have lost.

Traditional Dentures v. Digital Dentures

Digital dentures offer the same solution and the same function as
However, the difference is how we create the dentures.
With traditional dentures, the fitting process is messy and uncomfortable. We
used to have to put clay or putting in a tray and insert it into your mouth
to get a mold for the dentures.

Now we can easily and quickly get that same mold just by taking a
few pictures of the inside of your mouth with our tiny oral camera. We then
send the pictures to our laboratory, who will then send us a sample of your
new dentures within a week!

Once you have been fitted to the sample dentures, we send the
measurements back to the lab, and you’ll be ready to go with your
brand new digital dentures within another week.

Learn More About Digital Dentures

If you are looking for a quick and painless way to get back your
full and beautiful smile, digital dentures could be right for you! If you are
interested in learning more, please contact us at the Bilski Dental Group

You can also learn more about the Bilski Dental Group and the
dental services and treatments we provide by watching more videos like this
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