What Does it Take to Get
Teeth Whitened at the Dentist?

Bilski Family Dentistry has partnered with Virteom
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In our video series, Jacqui and Dr. Thomas Bilski talk about
services we offer at our practice. Today, we’re going to talk about
teeth whitening. Read the transcription below while we work on adding our

Independence, OH Dentist Talks About the Teeth Whitening Process

It’s very easy and comfortable. You come in for an
evaluation first, because you have to have a healthy mouth. You can’t
have any disease processes going on like cavities or gum disease. The hygienist
cleans your teeth and we talk a little bit, to give you the pros and cons of
teeth whitening. There is no problem with whitening teeth as pathology
studies have shown no damage to enamel and no increased

Teeth Whitening Services in Independence, Ohio. Bilski Family Dentistry

What Results Should I Expect from the Teeth

After you have your teeth cleaned, our hygienist will place the
peroxide on your teeth under a blue light, which is a UV light that helps
accelerate the process. Around 60 to 90 minutes later, you see that before
and after. That’s just a small simulation we show patients. We take a
picture and show them how to see the difference of the

Teeth Whitening Services in Independence, Ohio. Bilski Family Dentistry

Typically, this is what we see. About three to four shades lighter
after you do a 60 to 90-minute procedure in our practice, following a
cleaning. Four shades make a big difference.

Dentistry All Under One Roof

If you are unhappy with the color of your teeth and are looking to
whiten, come to Bilski Family Dentistry. Dr. Bilski will consult with you
about the teeth whitening procedure and it’s benefits. We do
dentistry All Under One Roof,  so if
you’re looking for veneers,
invisalign, a six month smile, or, of
course, teeth whitening
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