What is a Bone Graft and
How do They Work?

A bone graft is a minor surgical
procedure where we take bone from another source and alter it so that you
will have ample bone in your mouth for a dental
to function successfully. There are multiple ways we can
create this graft, depending on what the patient is comfortable with and
where we can get the bone from.

Two Types of Bone Grafting

In our office, there are two ways we can recreate your
mouth’s bone structure. One way is with a cadaver bone. They come
from people who donate their bodies and organs after they pass. This process
is 100% sterile and safe.

The other option is, if we have to extract your tooth, we can
actually use that tooth to support the bones in your mouth. We take the tooth
and grind it, sterilize it; then our phlebotomist draws blood from you. The
next step is to place your blood in the centrifuge, which separates the best
parts of your blood that we can mix with your ground up tooth. Then we add
PRF or platelet rich fibrin, which helps form the bone, and then we can place
it into your jaw.

This process creates a very strong tooth foundation, which heals
quicker than normal healing time.

Why is a Bone Graft Necessary?

The bone in your mouth is extremely important. If you lose a
tooth, your bone will eventually start to reabsorb causes your facial
features to sag. Not only will this give you an older appearance, but your
teeth won’t have the same function, which is extremely important for
digesting, and it leads to higher chances of infection and other issues.

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is so important, or if you are worried about the procedure, please contact us
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procedure to help you feel at ease.

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