Some of us need a bit more extensive dental work than others. We
might have heard of many dental procedures, but there might be some we are
unfamiliar with, including dental bridges. What are dental bridges, and are
they right for me?

Understanding Dental Bridges

The bridge is a fixed dental restoration
used to replace one or more missing teeth by joining an artificial tooth
definitively to adjacent teeth or implants.

The Different Kinds Of Bridges

There are permanent bridges, and there are removable bridges.
Permanent bridges are fixed bridges and can be a long-term restoration for
your teeth. Fixed bridges feel more natural and require extensive oral
hygiene maintenance to keep the bridge clean and healthy.

A fixed bridge will keep your teeth in place and durable if
properly maintained. Removable bridges are partial dentures and need to be
cleaned every night before bed. The option for which bridge is best for you
is your choice and based on what you can afford.

Regardless of which bridge you choose, you must ensure that your
diet, age, and oral hygiene are all considered before the procedure. Bilski
Dental will help you make the right informed decision and help you keep your
bridge clean and your mouth healthy!

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