What is Bone

A bone graft is a minor surgical procedure used in dentistry to
help restore the bone in your mouth that has been lost due to disease,
infection, or trauma. Bone grafts are usually performed
before a patient gets dental implants but can be used
whenever a patient does not have ample bone in their mouth.

Why is it Important to Replace Lost Bone?

Your bone in your mouth can alter and shift after you were missing
a tooth for an extended period of time. Likewise, you can also experience
bone loss if you have an untreated infection or disease or caused by trauma
from an accident.

When you experience bone loss, you
also lose some functions in your mouth that you might take for granted, such
as chewing, speech, and even the contours of your

Bone Grafting Restores Your Bone

Bone grafting is a procedure that allows us to restore the proper
amount of bone in your mouth. We can do this by grinding down organic tissue
and combining your blood, then we and surgically place it where you are missing

The organic tissue can come from three

  • Autogenous: Donor tissue is collected from the
  • Allograft: Donor tissue is obtained from a bone
  • Xenograft: Donor tissue is harvested from a bovine

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