Provance is a new alternative to veneers with not drilling and its cheaper | Independence, OHWhat is Provance and How It
Can Transform Your Smile

Provance is a system developed by Csapo Dental Arts Lab in Fairview
Park which are acrylic composite materials or tooth binding
colors, any call you want, in one delivery system.

Before Provance was developed, you had to go through an
accreditation program through the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentists. You
have to pass a test, and you have to do six front teeth and place with
plastic acrylic. But, this process just took way too long, so we
weren’t going to do it.

Instead, Csapo Dental Arts Lab and Bilski Family
Dentistry worked back and forth to develop Provance. They finally
got a patent on the system, and now it is easier than ever to deliver these
beautiful smile makeovers!

How Provance Works

Provance allows us to restore your teeth without drilling, without
Novocain, and they’re made out of acrylic which is half the price
of porcelain! So, you get a great smile, with no pain, no drugs, and you save
money and time!

There is also no reduction of your teeth meaning you’re
keeping natural tooth structure. Just think of it as placing a good contact
lens over your eye, but we’re doing it on your tooth.

A Patient Who Got Provance

This patient came in because she didn’t like the
translucency, the shape, or the position of some of her teeth. She
didn’t want to go through orthodontic therapy, Invisalign, or braces.
So, she thought her best option was veneers which is a more old school,
“let’s drill in and place porcelain.”

While there is nothing wrong with veneers, and sometimes it is the
best option, depending on the patient, we suggested that she consider
Provance. She wouldn’t have to undergo any drilling or anything of
that nature, and she could still get the results she wanted for a better

Before and After

Before and after Provance | Dr. Bilski

Looking at the before and after, you can see she now has
a more uniform, less translucent (more opaque) smile. Some dental
professionals may say that this smile is too opaque, but it was exactly what
our patient wanted, and that is really what we do at Bilski Family Dentistry,
we give you the smile you want!

If you are unhappy with your teeth and you want to get a smile
makeover, but you don’t want to wait for veneers, braces, or any
other time-consuming procedure, then consider going with Provance! If you
have any questions about Provance or if it is right for you, contact us at
Bilski Family Dentistry today!

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