cavity filling or crown | Dr. Bilski | Independence, OhioWhat is the Difference
Between a Crown and a Filling?

At the Bilski Dental Group, we provide our patients with quality
dental care, whether you need a tooth filled, a root canal, or even cosmetic
dentistry; we can do it all under one roof. We also provide our patients with
educational material and advice, which helps them make informed decisions
about their dental care.

Today we are discussing the difference between a crown and a


A filling is to take care of a little tiny hole or a mild to
moderate-sized hole that fills less than 50 percent of the chewing surface of
your tooth. Too often, dentists will opt for a filling when they should
really be using a crown. This is because the filling is more affordable and


Crowns are used when 50 percent or more of the chewing surface is
gone due to an old filling, fracture, or cavity.

When a tooth needs a crown but gets a filling instead, they holy
can get larger, which can lead to infection, the need for a root canal, or
even the loss of the tooth.

Patient Education

We always educate our patients on all of their options when it
comes to their oral health. We give them the best advice we can and allow
them to choose which option works best for them. What they end up choosing
usually comes down to the cost and the time. If dental care was free,
everyone would choose the crowns because they are more effective in preventing
nerve damage, tooth loss, and the need for a root

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