What to Expect When
Going to the Dentist During COVID

We at the Bilski Dental Group want our patients to know that we
are taking every measure to ensure the health and safety of both our patients
and our staff.  As such, we have put the following protocols into

Upon Arrival

Before you arrive, give our office a call to let us know
you’re here. When we come to the door, we will ask to take a
temperature reading before you walk in. This will be done with a digital
thermometer. If your temperature is normal, we then ask that you sanitize
your hands.

Wear a Mask

We also ask you to wear a mask while you wait. If you
don’t have a mask, one will be provided for you at no

Social Distancing

We are also enforcing social distancing and minimizing contact
with our patients by 50%.

Staff PPE and Safety Measures

All of our employees wear the appropriate PPE, including
gloves, face mask, goggles, and a face shield.

Once you get to the hygienist’s chair, you’ll be
able to remove your mask. At this point, everyone around you will be covered
in protective gear, so you’ll have nothing to worry

Learn More About How We Keep Our Patients Healthy and

Regular dental care is essential, so make sure to schedule your
appointment for your next cleaning, exam, and treatment

If you have any questions or concerns about our safety protocols,
please contact us today!

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