Rapid Results – Natural – Affordable

Same-Day Veneers

Provánce® composite veneers are a groundbreaking solution that offers significant improvements in tooth shape, size, and color in just a single visit. Unlike traditional porcelain veneers, which often necessitate multiple appointments and enamel removal, Provánce® veneers provide a swift and enamel-safe alternative for same-day smile transformations.

Porcelain veneers dental design

Key Advantages of Provance®

  • Rapid Results Achieve a flawless smile in as little as 30 minutes.

  • Enamel Preservation No tooth enamel is damaged during the procedure.

  • Comprehensive Enhancement Ideal for correcting shape, size, and whitening teeth.

The Benefits of Same-Day Veneers

Unlock a radiant, natural-looking smile quickly and effortlessly with Provánce® composite veneers. Designed for those seeking an immediate aesthetic enhancement, these veneers offer a wealth of advantages tailored to meet your needs for beauty, convenience, and affordability.

Key Advantages of Choosing Provánce® Composite Veneers:

  • Rapid Transformation Achieve fast results with a same-day procedure.

  • Natural Aesthetics Enjoy a beautiful smile that looks naturally white and well-shaped.

  • Ease of Care Maintain your veneers effortlessly with simple oral hygiene practices.

  • Enamel Preservation Minimal to no enamel removal required, keeping your teeth intact.

  • Durability with Convenience Easy repairs for chips or damage, ensuring long-lasting beauty.

  • Cost-Effective A more affordable option compared to traditional porcelain veneers.

A New Smile in One Visit

Provánce® Veneers

Dr. Thomas Bilski stands among the elite group of only ten Provánce® clinicians globally, bringing unparalleled expertise in cosmetic dentistry. Schedule your consultation today to discover how Provánce® composite veneers can redefine your smile and boost your confidence, all within a single appointment.