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Snap-On Smile

No Shots and No Drilling. Just Beautiful, Affordable Teeth You Can Be Proud Of!

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What Is Snap-on-Smile?

Snap-on-Smile is a thin, strong, resin material that is formed to snap in place over your natural teeth.

  1. An impression is taken of your teeth and mouth.
  2. You will then choose the preferred shape and shade of your new smile.
  3. The impression is then sent to the Snap-on-Smile laboratory where the smile is custom made just for you!
  4. In a few weeks, your new smile is ready to wear!

Get Your Dream Smile At A Price You Can Afford

Snap On Smile | Dr. Bilski

Snap-On Smile in Independence, OH

No Shots. No Drilling. Just 2 Visits!

Snap-on Smile® is the easy, painless, affordable way to get the beautiful smile makeover that you deserve. Invented by a dentist who understood that not everyone could afford thousands of dollars in cosmetic dentistry restorations, Snap-On Smile® will give you the Hollywood smile makeover you want at a fraction of the price!

Snap-On Smile® is a thin, strong, resin material that snaps on over your actual teeth. It can be removed like any dental appliance, allowing you to easily brush and floss your natural teeth. The patented design allows you to eat and drink without any impingement into the gums and can be made for both upper and lower arches. Since each Snap-On Smile® is designed specifically for individual patients, you can customize your smile makeover with different color shades and various smile designs!

Most patients are candidates for this cosmetic dentistry service, but especially those who have large spaces or discolored, missing, and even misaligned teeth. Snap-on Smile® is also great for patients who are not able to have bridges or implants placed and those who wear removable partial dentures but are looking for another cosmetic dentistry solution.

Snap-On Smile® offers patients who are fearful of the dentist and dental procedures a beautiful cosmetic smile makeover that they can be proud of. There are no shots, no drilling, and the entire process takes only two office visits. After the consultation is complete, our doctor will take an impression of your mouth. You will then work with the doctor to choose the preferred shape and shade of your new smile. The impressions are sent to the Snap-On Smile® Creations Laboratory to be custom designed just for you. Within a few weeks, your beautiful new smile will be ready to wear!

Dr. Thomas Bilski offers a variety of oral health solutions. Whether your mouth is in need of gum recession treatment or you wish to replace missing teeth with dental implants, Dr. Thomas Bilski in Independence, OH can provide you with what you need. Schedule an appointment to visit our office today.

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